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About “Random Tasks, Random Thoughts”

This blog is “Random Tasks, Random Thoughts.” My name is Gloria and I’m a do-it-yourselfer, a serial crafter, and a person with a wide variety of interests.

Why I’m Writing

Writing is one of my occasional hobbies. I don’t write short stories or novels. I frequently write for work and I sometimes have the urge to write non-work pieces just to balance it out. It’s a way to keep from feeling as if I do nothing but work, basically. “Random Tasks, Random Thoughts” is one way I can provide balance in my life. After all, in-between writing for work, it’s easy for me to dash off a few words about something entirely unrelated.

In addition, I would like to find more outlets to write about some of my interests. I’m not sure what I want to settle on. So, I’ve decided to start a blog about all these random things that I’m interested in and am hoping that I’ll find the combination where readers are interested in some particular topics AND that I’ll find that topic interesting to write about. I want to find that sweet spot.

More on My Writing Past

For my personal life, I’ve written the following:

  • Newsletter pieces. For any organization I’ve been a member of, I will end up writing some number of pieces for their newsletter. Some of these have to do with wine, others with how to get volunteers, covering topics such as election rules, and all types of contributions to fill the space.
  • Mystery book blog. My very first blog was a mystery book blog. I love to read and people would ask my advice both on books to personally read and also those to use in their book groups. I found myself writing up my thoughts on these books and sharing them so often that, one day, It seemed easier to create a blog, share these thoughts with the world, and just point friends and book groups to these pages. I’m no longer a member of any book groups and I just got tired of doing it.
  • “Lifestyle” blog. I was so inspired by some small restaurants and museums that I saw, both in my own area but also in other parts of the world, that I wanted to share those with other people. It’s easy to find the big and famous places but it’s the little places that add color to my own life and I wanted to help people get off the beaten path. In addition, I wrote about wine tastings and all types of activities that I did. I was a type of precursor to this blog. But my life changed and the main focus of that blog didn’t quite seem to fit my life and I stopped writing it. Also, at the time, so few people were finding it and reading it that I just didn’t think it was worthwhile. Basically, I got discouraged.

For work, I’ve written the following:

  • The blog for my company. I’ve been writing this since 2009. Roughly, I think I’ve written a post a week. Sometimes, I quite enjoy it. Other times (when there seems little new and interesting to write about), it’s a chore. Overall, I don’t mind doing it.
  • Business travel information. One of my professional organizations had begun a blog about business travel. I was such a frequent contributor that I became the main contributor. I wrote about all types of things – trying to work while travelling, business aspects such as work permits, understanding the business habits of other cultures, as well as some commentary on my efforts to fit in some enjoyment when I was far from home. While I was doing quite a bit of business travel, I enjoyed sharing my experiences with other similar professionals.
  • Other business and organizational pieces. For the same organization that had a business travel blog, I also wrote occasional pieces for their newsletter. Some of the pieces talked about business issues. Others focused on the organization’s chapters and issues they faced.
  • Periodicals. I’ve worked my way through the major periodicals in my industry, being a regular contributor to some, a frequent one to others, and doing some one-off pieces for others. This is a lot of work and I don’t typically enjoy it. It often requires some amount of research, back-and-forth editing, and is sometimes on a deadline that makes it challenging to fit all this in while trying to get my work done.

My Writing Future

Writing is more fun when you’re writing about something you enjoy, at least for me. But if no-one reads it, that’s not fun, either, at least for me.

So, with “Random Tasks, Random Thoughts,” my goal is to find a balance between the readers out there and my own interests.