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The ABC’s of Tea

My favorite tea blog is “The ABC’s of Tea” that a friend of mine has created.

Some Backround

This friend of mine, Judi Slack, has been organizing tea events for some number of years. She was a teacher and she loved teaching. When she retired from teaching, she decided to take the formal tea courses required for tea certification. She has now taken enough courses to be a Certified Tea Specialist, Certified Tea Professional, Certified Tea Sommelier and Certified Tea Health Expert

Meanwhile, she has continued to organize tea events in her community. She works with the Cleveland area “No Hats Required Tea Group”. At this point, she has organized over 360 events for them. The focus is both on learning more about tea as well as pure enjoyment of attending the events.

Now, she will be speaking at the Chicago International Tea Festival in November 2019, as well as holding a workshop telling how to spread the good tea word to your own community.

Back to The ABC’s of Tea

In “The ABC’s of Tea” blog, Judi’s goal is to educate readers on tea-related topics. She writes about different types of tea. She’ll illuminate readers on the history of the tea, what it tastes like, and other relevant facts. She takes real examples of the tea she writes about and provides an analysis of what she found in her cup. In addition, she does also write about other tea-related topics. She writes about tea paraphernalia and tea events, for example.

Judi wants to spread the word that tea is an interesting and accessible drink. Similar to wine, we don’t have to fear it. Instead, if we learn something about it, we can become more daring in our choices of tea and enjoy a wider variety than we might have, otherwise.

What Happens When Judi Gets to “Z”?

At the point that I’m writing this post, Judi has only just published her “V” posts. I don’t know what happens when she gets to “Z” but I’m going to keep reading to find out.

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