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The Pie King

I just finished eating a pie from The Pie King. It was a worthwhile consumption of calories, and I’m pleased to be able to tell you about it.

Pie Pickiness

I bake. I’m most prone to bake cookies and brownies, even cakes. However, I do occasionally bake pies. I’m quite a picky pie eater.

Well, that’s not always true. I’ll occasionally eat a crappy slice of pie out of sheer desperation, especially at Thanksgiving when I need a slice of pumpkin pie to round-out the holiday but don’t always want to bake one.

With that said, most of the time, I’m not satisfied merely with having a piece of pie, I require a high-quality slice of pie.

Orange Custard Meringue Pie from The Pie King

That pie would be the orange custard meringue pie from The Pie King.

I stumbled across their booth at the recent Arts & Crafts Fair in Des Moines. They had a number of pies that looked and sounded delicious. They did also have cheesecake available. However, I’ve never eaten an orange custard meringue pie and this pie looked seriously tempting. I’d show you a photo but I ate it.

Sorry, not sorry.

If you want to see one, go to their web-site and look at the photo of the meringue pies. It basically looked just like that.

In any case, I opened the container and the orange aroma assaulted me. I was too pumped to eat this thing to stop for a photo.

The meringue on top was fluffy and light. The custard was smooth and orangey. Now, let’s get to the crust.


One mistake is that I should also have purchased a pie with a rolled crust because I think a rolled crust tends to separate great pie-bakers from lesser ones. I was trying to hold back. I felt one pie was enough. I was wrong. I was stupid. I’m kicking myself, now!!!

On the other hand, I have to tell you about this graham cracker crust. Normally, we don’t pay a lot of attention to them. But they can have a number of issues.

So, let me just tell you this graham cracker crust was thin to the point of being delicate but without entirely crumbling off the pie as you stabbed your fork into it. It wasn’t grainy in any way. It looked perfectly even.

Honestly, this is probably the best or at least in the top 5 graham cracker crusts I’ve seen and eaten. And, despite my pie-bragging at the top of this post, I’ll admit not a single one came from me. Mine aren’t bad but they’re not close to being in this league.

The Pie King

If you want a pie, I’d seriously suggest you check out The Pie King. Since I didn’t trust a rolled-crust pie, I can’t vouch for them, but if you’re afraid to try that, just go for a meringue pie. Above, I gave their web-site, but here’s their FaceBook page, too.

Pie and Happiness

It’s said that no-one can make another person happy. You’re happy based on your own views and actions.

That might be true of other human beings but it’s not true of pie. Pie actually CAN make you happy and this one did, in fact, MAKE me happy. 🙂

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