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Axpona 2020 – Just 65 More Days

Axpona 2020 is getting closer. This is the Audio eXposition Of North America and, for the audiophiles among us, the most fun most of us will have in 2020.

AXPONA 2020 is Getting Closer

AXPONA is a big event to both my household and my cronies. I have a friend who occasionally calls to tell me how many days we have until the event. Just yesterday, he informed me that it’s just “66 DAYS UNTIL AXPONA!” So, he made that math easy for me that it’s now 65 days. And, yes, when he announces it, it’s all capitalized and with an exclamation mark.

High End Audio – Don’t Let That Deter You

AXPONA, the Audio eXposition Of North America, is held every year in Chicago in the Spring. It’s probably on its eleventh anniversary, at this point.

It’s a high-end audio show but one that has a relatively low cost of admission that most audiophiles can afford. In fact, I do also find occasional great buys of modest-cost equipment. My spouse and I do occasionally end up purchasing equipment we see at the show. I’ll guarantee no-one calls our system a “high end” system, either.

Other Stuff

Usually, you can buy cables, music, and a wide variety of audio-related items at this event, as well. Also, they have free concerts. But be warned, the lines to get in the concerts can be long and, without a VIP ticket, you might not get in. Some people merely go other places in Chicago to listen to music. After all, the Kingston Mines have weekend concerts, or there are places such as Buddy Guy’s Legends. None of these places are closeby and you’ll have to figure out the logistics from the hotel, but they’re in the greater metro area.

One more advantage to attending this is that, despite hearing WAY too much of the same music from some of the rooms, you’ll also hear a wide variety of music from other rooms. If you were trying to find some new music to listen to, you’ll likely hear something you like that you hadn’t heard before. Some of the rooms play a lot of the music everyone has heard to death, while other rooms make a point to show off new music. So, use AXPONA 2020 as a way to find a little new music to challenge your home system with.

Back to the Equipment

If you like sitting and listening to audio equipment, you won’t run out of rooms to do that in. Every year, it gets bigger. Every year, more brands decide to have rooms. Almost everyone is going to find things they want to listen to. AXPONA 2020 should be bigger and better than the AXPONAs that came before it, so I have high hopes of what I’ll see and hear.

Catching Up

For those of you who know other people who will be at AXPONA, I find it amazing that I end up at least casually running into all the people I know who say they’ll be at AXPONA. With it getting so much larger, every year, you’d think that wouldn’t be the case. Yet, people seem to run into each other.

Just 65 more days and we’ll see each other! Oh, and will listen to a lot of great equipment and music.

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