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Vinyl Nation

My spouse and I just finished watching the movie Vinyl Nation. It’s a lovely tribute to the people who love vinyl records.

More About the Movie Vinyl Nation

First of all, this movie has an hour-and-a-half running time, give or take a few minutes. I couldn’t find that anywhere. But, if you’re trying to allocate time to sit and enjoy this, that’s your time window for it.

The movie looked beautiful. It was colorful, for starters. It was filled with wide a variety of music. If I said that it was filled with great music, I would be putting my personal judgement on it. So, I won’t do that. Listen for yourself. If your tastes differ from mine, that’s fine.

Beyond all that, it brings out the story of why people still enjoy vinyl records. It gives some history of the rise, fall and rise of vinyl. Not only does it give some history but also explains the reasons behind it. It explains the current resurgence of vinyl not just in spite of streaming but possibly because of streaming.

Yet, at the same time, the movie purposely contradicts itself. Where there different points of view, the movie presents them as they are.

The film switches from scenes such as Record Store Day, vinyl production facilities, and stories from vinyl lovers. If you’re a vinyl lover or if you know one, you’ll swear you’re seeing them or yourselves on screen, but disguised in another body and voice. Some of the conversations are eerily familiar. It’s as if the camera was secretly planted among your own listening time with friends or family.

I don’t mean to suggest this film will creep you out. Instead, I suggest that it will bring a warm feeling to you and your enjoyment of vinyl or your understanding of those around you who feel that way about vinyl.

How I Heard About Vinyl Nation and How You Can Watch It to Support the Jazz Foundation

I receive updates from Axpona (Audio Exposition Of North America). They sent out an e-mail about the movie Vinyl Nation.

This movie is playing in a variety of places as you can see on the Vinyl Nation web-site. However, if none of these are close-enough to you or if you prefer to watch in your own home, you can rent it for a 72-hour stream from Axpona.

Here’s the Axpona deal – you can either directly rent this or rent it as a gift. If you send it as a gift, the person gets the e-mail and selects when to watch it. But the period you get to watch it is a 72-hour window. Also, the cost is split to support the Jazz Foundation. You can see more details, at Axpona & Jazz Foundation Present Vinyl Nation.

Does This Make a Good Gift?


I bought this as a birthday gift for my spouse who not only enjoyed it, immensely, but I also got to watch it. Does it get any better than to buy someone a gift that you can also enjoy, and can enjoy, together! 😉

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