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Wharfdale Linton Heritage

I’ve now had the Wharfdale Linton Heritage speakers for a while and put off writing about them for too long. I now need to finally write about them.

Part of the Collection

The Lintons make a nice addition to what is generally a collection of British bookshelf speakers. We do have a few outliers but, for the most part, have a tendency to drift toward the British bookshelves.

While we listen to just about everything, we do focus more on jazz than anything else. However, in saying that, I should add that that’s only about half of our listening time. We do listen to a wide variety of music.

Finally Writing

We ordered these speakers at last year’s AXPONA and received them probably two months later. With this year’s AXPONA coming up, soon, I realized I’d put off writing about these speakers for longer than I’d intended.

We did buy them with the stands (it was a great deal) and bought them in mahagony.

In addition. I waited so long that AudiophileStyle beat me to writing about these speakers. Not only that, but they even have quotes from my spouse in there. Well, I really did wait a long time so that’s on me. Here’s their article, by the way: Review: Wharfdale Linton Heritage 85th

My Experience

In the review I just mentioned, you’ll see my spouse mention the tubbiness of the speakers. So, here’s what happened:

We got the speakers. We gave them some time, moved them around, played different music, the usual things audiophiles do when they obtain speakers.

But I really didn’t like them. On the good side, the speakers were truly responsive. On the bad side, the bass was pretty sloppy.

What Did We do?

Well, we did what any audiophile would do (come on, be honest – most of you would do the same) – found a difference room for them. That helped a lot. But they still had a real issue with the bass.

So, we next did what anyone else would do – we bought a different amp to drive the system. That also helped a lot. But I still felt critical.

Then, we continued to move the speakers around and that also did help. But I still wasn’t happy.

I realized this – those speakers need a bigger room. I’m convinced that this is the problem with them.


I’ve come to truly appreciate how responsive these speakers are and what a great job they do reproducing the music I listen to.

The more I listen to them versus other speakers, the more I realize I’m being a bit overcritical about the bass as compared to other speakers we have and also the fact that everything else is so good on these.

With that, I’ve come to truly enjoy listening to these speakers. I’m still convinced they need a bigger room, but I haven’t yet drawn-up plans for a new house nor won the lottery to buy it, so I’ll have to just make do with playing them where they are, for the time being. 😉

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