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Not a Walker Bag

This is not a walker bag but a bag for people with a rollator walker. It’s originally an arm sling that has been converted with simple stitching.

Converting an Arm Sling to a Purse

My mother always liked recycling. She never wanted to throw anything away. This arm sling she used was like new when she was finished with it. It was “too nice” to throw away.

Instead, I sew up the side and she had a little purse for use with her rollator walker.

I used a sewing machine to quickly sew the side but, even with hand-stitching, it’s not a huge seam to hand-sew.

Why Does Anyone Need a Walker Bag?

When you have a walker, you need something to carry your personal items around in. Many people using walkers need both hands to be firmly on their walker handles. They wouldn’t want to carry something in their hands.

People with the style of walker that have breaks definitely don’t want their hands holding other items. But even those with something like a rollator walker (no breaks) want their hands completely available to hold onto their walker.

Why Use This Instead of a True Walker Bag

Walker bags can block the front view of the walker. For people with a rollator walker, blocking the walking area can be dangerous. In addition, walker bags can become heavy with personal items.

For people using a rollator walker, having anything heavy attached to the walker or the person can throw the person’s balance off, which is the purpose of using that style of walker.

This Handy Item Helped Provide Independence

My mother wanted independence. Using this little purse, she could place a book to read or a puzzle book and a few pens or pencils in this purse. Then, she would put it around her neck and one arm. Then, she could move from one part of the house to another, as the light changed. She could do this without having to wait to ask someone to help her move her couple of things to get to better light, as the day wore on.

Reuse and Repurpose

My mother also loved reusing things. This item satisfied her sense of reuse and repurposing.

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