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Discontinuing This Blog

This blog will be shut down in December 2020. This will give time to anyone interested in reading or re-reading the posts to get to them.

Motivations in Starting This Blog

I thought I had a lot to say about a variety of topics. I got plenty of encouragement regarding my writing topics and style. There was a particular push to write about audio equipment and listening.

Sometimes, after a particular effort, for audio or any of my other topics, I thought it would be useful to share what I’d learned or experienced. I thought I would share my efforts to help the next person.

The Downside

First of all, I didn’t promote this blog the way I did my other blogs (my work blog, for example). These days, there are so many blogs that, if you don’t promote your blog, it’s unlikely people will find it.

As a result, with so few readers, I find myself less motivated to write. And, by the way, I just find doing the tasks a lot more interesting than writing about them.

Axpona and More

I had especially thought I would write about audio, including attending Axpona (Audio Exposition of North America), my audio club events, and other similar adventures. Meanwhile, a number of unexpected events have kept me from attending Axpona, in the past few years.

Even beyond that, maintaining a blog adds to the time it takes to deal with it, beyond just coming up with ideas to write about and actually doing the writing. In that, I will admit that I have a multitude of topics on my mind, some that I’ve even started outlines or rough drafts of, but not yet published.

Also, I began this blog along on my hosting platform that I pay for. And, with that payment being discontinued, I’m faced with the choice of finding some other way to deal with a blog that isn’t getting much traffic.

Once December 2020 Arrives

Somewhere around the middle to end of December 2020, I will be letting my hosting service expire. Even though I’ve paid for this actual domain into 2021, it will no longer be hosted. Thus, these posts will no longer be available.

As such, if you’re reading this and you found anything in here that interested you, this is just a notice to read what you want to, now, because these posts will soon be gone.

Instead, maybe we will all see each other at Axpona 2021. I won’t be one of the people with a media pass nor taking notes but I’ll be collecting a LOT of brochures. Wave if you see me. 😉

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