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Random Cell Phone Security Thoughts

I’ve recently spent a great deal of time watching cyber-security webinars and studying security, overall. I’ve come up with my own cell phone security idea.

Let’s Not Overengineer This!

Do you worry about having your cell phone stolen? Could there be some way to have to chime or make a noise when it gets too far from your body? Would you prefer to attach a lanyard to it that would drag you with it when the thief grabs it from your pocket?

Instead, let’s come up with a surprising and low-tech solution that won’t land you on the ground with a broken hip, nose, tooth or similar.

Pets Can Protect More Than The Home

Some of you might have a guard dog to protect your home or yard. How about protecting your cell phone by putting it in the same pocket in which you carry around your pet scorpion? Wouldn’t this be a great and fun way to protect your cell phone?

Of course, it does mean you’ll have to wear a chain mail glove every time you need to make a call or check your messages, but it’s probably more secure than that password you’re using that’s taped onto the back of your phone, for starters.

Not only that, but think of what a fun talking point this would be with your friends and coworkers!

Side note: Yes, these are the exciting ramblings from a small town where putting the recycling bin out is the thrill of the week, these days. Oh, it provides such tension, wondering if the recycling truck will come as it always does or if the truck will breakdown and miss a week. Hey, it hasn’t happened, yet, in the years I’ve lived here, but literally anything is possible!

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