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Random COVID-19 Thoughts

Here at “Random Tasks, Random Thoughts” are some random COVID-19 thoughts for you. To put this into context, they are thoughts from a small town.

The Bank

I just returned from my bank, where I wore my blue bandanna mask. Just a block away is the historic Chicago and Northwestern Railroad train station that the town now uses for its Chamber of Commerce building and a location for the farmer’s market.

First of all, how strange is it to be wearing my robber mask to the bank and no-one pulls out their six-shooter to confront me?

Second of all, as I sat in the bank, I started to wonder how close anyone wearing a kerchief over their face has been to the train station. Was the last time possibly during a train big holdup back when this was part of the “west”?

Side note: A long time ago, Iowa was considered “west” and not just “West of the Mississippi” but probably even “The West.”

Reality Check

Of course, let’s suppose I’d stolen the bank teller’s pen. She wouldn’t have had to disinfect it if I’d done that so I doubt she’d have run me down to get it. But it’s a small town. They knew it was me. And even if they didn’t, as I’d have jumped into my trusty steed, they all know it’s my car. And if I’d have left that behind, my hideout, my home, is just a few blocks away. I think they’d have known to look there for me. Well, I can’t even run that fast, anyway, and they’d have seen me running down what is a straight shot to my well-known lair.

And, seriously, would they have chased me over a pen? Well, things are a little slow around here, these days. You can never tell.

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