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Welcome to “Random Tasks, Random Thoughts”

“Random Tasks, Random Thoughts” is a place for me to share some of the random hobbies and tasks I participate in, as well as random thoughts on those interests. You can read more information about me with regard to this blog at the About page.

Examples of My Interests

I’ve got all types of interests. I’ve written in my past about wine, beer, spirits, and I love all of those. Plus, I love coffee and tea. I truly love beverages, as a general category. I’ve even made some of them.

And let’s not forget about food. I’ve taken cheese-making classes, made a bit of that at home, and I do cook. I’m no great cook, more of a home baker, but I’m not shy about trying new techniques or flavors, either.

And then, I also love to read. In the past, I had started a blog about some of my favorite books. It seemed easier than cutting-and-pasting my write-ups that I was sharing with friends and book clubs, so I started a blog that I eventually got tired of writing.

I sometimes grow things. I wouldn’t say I’m a gardener. I just grow things I want to eat, especially if it’s not something I can get at the store, such as a a decent tomato that has any flavor to it.

I start new crafts whenever I have the urge. I had a lot of yarn so, one day, crocheted a water bottle holder for a trip to the park where I wanted to bring some water along. I’m a cross-stitcher (I don’t mean that I’m cross and I stitch, although that’s sometimes also true, but I actually do a lot of counted cross-stitch). If I need or want something, I’ll do a one-off type of craft if I’ve basically got the tools and materials for it.

Things You Won’t Read About, Here

I won’t be writing about politics, deep philosophy, or theoretical physics. This is the short list but there are likely to be many other topics you won’t find in this blog.


So, overall, I’m not expert on cooking. I’m not a chef nor a candidate for one of those cooking shows where people terrific home cooks. But I can hold my own and I’m not afraid of it, either.

My message to the world would be, if it’s not too expensive for your budget and you think it would be fun to try, just go ahead with it. Don’t worry about whether it’s “right” or “perfect” or “photo-worthy.” Life’s too short for that.

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